Enjoying a Medicare Advantage Plan that Works for You

Medicare is a medical health benefit available to those who are 65 years of age, disabled, or those that have end stage renal disease. Those that are 65 years of age typically are retired and collecting social security benefits. These are benefits that they have paid for during their working career. Those that are disabled due to some chronic disease or illness that keeps them from working are also qualified for Medicare; however, the disabled must wait 24 months before they are eligible for Medicare benefits.

Those that are eligible for Medicare will receive a benefit card that is red, white, and blue. This card shows that they have part A and part B coverage. Part D coverage is the drug benefit and Medicare enables beneficiaries to choose their own drug carrier.

There are many private plans that are available to provide this drug coverage. Medicare also allows beneficiaries to choose a Medicare advantage plan. This plan is through a private medical insurance company, and this plan typically covers the 20% that Medicare will not pay. Medicare coverage covers 80% of most medical costs, so there is a coverage gap of about 20%. Beneficiaries must either pay this 20% or find some type of supplemental plan that will pay the difference.

The Medicare advantage plan covers the 20% and provides prescription drug coverage. Those that choose this plan will still be responsible for their Medicare Part B premium, and they will also be responsible for the monthly premium for Z-Medicare Advantage. Although there is a cost involved in getting this coverage, this coverage is much less expensive than having to pay the 20% out of pocket costs and the costs of prescriptions. This advantage plan offers several benefits for the members.
If you are interested in this coverage, you can call or go online to sign up for the coverage.

This Medicare advantage plan will directly contact Medicare to set up everything. You don’t have to worry about doing this. There are certain yearly deductibles and co-payments that are due, but again, these costs are much less expensive than not having some type of advantage plan or a supplemental plan. You have enough to worry about. There is no need to stress over your coverage with Medicare. You have earned your Medicare benefit by paying into it during your working career. Call or go online and sign up today.

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